Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Year Is Long Enough Between Posts

I'm finally back! A freezing cold day here in the Seattle area (18 degrees when I set out this morning). I've come to the Kahili Coffee shop in downtown Kirkland because during the warmer months of the year it always seemed like they had an overzealous heating system, so I thought it would be nice and warm here. Not anymore, not today. I'm typing with numb fingertips!

Where have I been for the last year? Not really that far away, just got fired up working on my business blog ( and some great additional speaking and writing opportunities that grew out of my efforts there.

But in the process, I think my online presence grew a little one-dimensional: lots of professional expression, but there was less of my personal voice than I had originally set out to share. I guess I'm trying to get back to a more balanced approach now. The end of a year and the beginning of another seems a good time to try to re-calibrate and rededicate. I had the same thought yesterday when I went to the gym for the first time in 4 months. As I was running my two mile stint on the treadmill, I thought about how in about 3 weeks the place would be packed with people just like me who had made their new year's resolution to get back into exercise. I'd made the same resolution, just 3 weeks before the beginning of the new year.

What can I take from this? How about that, though I lack the discipline to remain unceasingly committed to a single course of action, I am not alone in the fluctuation of interest and, to my credit, I correct course one or two steps earlier than the majority of drifters. So it's not about how well you remain focused, it's about how fast you get your...stuff...together once you realize you've gone off course. It's OK.

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